Download this whitepaper to learn more about the largest UVC decontamination system and its use in Covid-19 rt-PCR test kit manufacturing

The germicidal effect of UVC light has long been known as a solution for disinfection and sanitation. As the need for disinfection technology peeked in the 2020 global health crisis, Phoseon was approached by a major healthcare organization to aid in decontaminating molecular diagnostic tools. This project resulted in the largest UVC LED decontamination system in the world to date. The increased urgency for accuracy and mass production of tests to prevent the spread of SARS-CoV-2 brought to the surface a common challenge in healthcare manufacturing: the ability to scale up production without compromising results. In this case, the components in question were parts of a COVID-19 rt-PCR test kit. In this case study, we will explore three conditions: the critical role of UVC sourcing, the specific UVC capabilities and requirements to inactivate RNase A (or other contaminants), and the logistical assemble of the largest UVC decontamination system in the world; all of which were essential for the successful execution of this project.


UVC lamps HP_Installation2